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Obecność COI Gliwice na 38 konferencji ESTRO

Szanowni Państwo!

Śpieszymy poinformować iż nasi pracownicy przedstawili następujące prace podczas 38 konferencji ESTRO w dniach 26-30 kwietnia 2019.
  • dr n. med. Sylwia Kellas-Ślęczka – "Twelve-year clinical outcomes with APBI with interstitial multicathether brachytherapy after BCS.”
  • mgr Krzysztof Szczepanik – "Detection of GoldAnchor markers implanted in the liver during robotic radiosurgery in the CK system.”
  • dr hab. n. med. Sławomir Blamek – "Integration of surgery and radiosurgery.” 
  • dr n. med. Dawid Bodusz – "Bladder filling – does it matter?” 
  • dr n. med. Michał Jarząb – "Response to preoperative therapy-prediction, assessment and indications for adjuvant radiotherapy.”•   prof. dr hab. n. med. Maciejewski B. – "Importance of volumetric staging and biological dose inhomogenity in IMRT.”
  • prof. dr hab. n. med. Leszek Miszczyk – "What is optimal staging for oligomestatic prostate cancer?”
  • lek. Hanna Grzbiela – "Sense and radiosensitivity – CyberKnife stereotactic radiotherapy in patients with meningiomas.”
  • lek. Piotr Lelek – "Salvage high-dose-brachytherapy for recurrent prostate cancer patients: 10 years of experience.”
  • dr n. med. Jolanta Mrochem-Kwarciak – "Prognostic value of Inflammatory Markers in patients with head and neck cancer.”
  • dr n. med. Dorota Gabryś – "Safety and tolerability of liver re-irradiation using high dose SBRT.”
  • lek. Tomasz Latusek – "The effectiveness and safety evaluation of radiotherapy for painful humeroscapular periarthritis (PHS).”
  • prof. dr hab. n. med. Leszek Miszczyk – "Is volumetric staging an alternative to TNM staging system in radiotherapy of tongue cancer?”
  • dr hab. n. med. Wojciech Majewski – "Palliative radiotherapy for lung cancer from patients' prespective: a quality of live (QoL) study.”
  • mgr Krzysztof Szczepanik – "Building a respiratory synchronization model in the CK System during the RT session of liver metas.”
  • dr n. med. Marta Szlag – "Recommendations for reporting the rectal dose during image guided HDR brachytherapy of prostate.”
  • dr n. med. Piotr Wojcieszek – "CyberKnife or HDR brachytherapy alone for the treatment of prostate cancer: a matched pair analysis.”
  • dr n. med. Grzegorz Woźniak – "Total skin irradiation – 15 years of Gliwice experience.”